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Chicken Marsala, a classic Italian chicken dish, makes a wonderful Sabbath entree. Serve with parve mashed potatoes and a green vegetable for a simple-to-make and delicious-to-eat dinner.

Another great recipe from Ohio caterers Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer! Spinach Lasagna is the best way I know to get kids to eat spinach. This kosher dish is also perfect for the Jewish "dairy" festival of Shavuot.

Gefilte fish is a loaf of chopped up fish, usually white-fleshed freshwater fish such as carp or pike. The chopped fish is generally mixed with onions, carrots and parsley. Eggs and matzah meal hold the mixture together. This gefilte fish recipe is unique ...

This Matzo Caramel Crunch is Paula Weinstein and Julie Remer's favorite Passover treat. For those who are invited out for a holiday meal, this addictive Pesach dessert makes the perfect hostess gift.


This Spinach Kugel is the perfect dish to serve for Sabbath meals during the week of Passover.

Lemon Bar Cookies, with their shortbread base and tart, sweet lemony filling, are perfect when you want to serve a variety of casual desserts. They add color, especially when accompanied by raspberries or blueberries, and a different texture and flavor.

These kosher and parve Almond Horseshoe Cookies can be served with tea at the end of a Sabbath or holiday meat meal. These cookies are festive, light, nut-flavored, and chocolate-dipped.

Looking to bake some tasty treats with your children today? Try this simple recipe for Chocolate Chewies from Paula Levine Weinstein and Julie Komerofsky Remer's cookbook, Our Customers' Favorites. These flour-less cookies can be packed into a Purim food ...

Gefilte Fish - How to Make

At the time of the Mishna (200 CE), rabbis deemed it meritorious to eat fish on the Sabbath and Jews became accustomed to eating fish at festive meals. Due to the plethora of rivers in Europe, Ashkenazi Jews tended to cook with freshwater fish. Eastern Eu ...

הארוחה החגיגית של ראש השנה בערב תמיד מלווה בתחושת התחדשות. השולחן החגיגי, תפוח בדבש וכמובן מנה חגיגית ומיוחדת. הבשר במתכון זה צריל להיות רך מאוד, ומלווה בארומה של פטריות ויין. הבשר מוגש לצד קראפלך.

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